Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

Goal Setting and Reflection: Screenshot of Common App Teacher Evaluation & Word cloud of common words used in letters of recommendation. How might this shape your three goals for semester 2?

New Seats + Routines
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Overview of Semester 2:
Essay Types

Take notes--what is important? interesting? surprising? informative? central to Bales's argument?
*Mark down notes on some aspects of the TED Talk.

Talking points:
Slavery is alive and well! More people are enslaved today than any other period in history, but the smallest fraction of the total population than ever recorded. HOWEVER, this does not make it a trivial nor a self-eradicating issue. 

HW: Bring ID + books to return to textbook room tomorrow -- don't leave in lockers!

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Jennifer Pust said...

Thanks, S.M. for sending today's blog agenda! This was super simple!!!