Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Answer questions about critical annotation of part of City of Santa Monica's website
Share topics ideas
Guest speaker notes - format and expectations
Reading----- "Learning to Read" by Malcolm X; annotate, use funneling technique, generate 5 thoughtful questions:
1. One question about "big ideas " or connections to Frederick Douglass or recent videos (Bales, Robinson)
2. One question about specific language or style review

Take aways
1. Prepare to ask thoughtful questions for the guest speakers--think about constructive, helpful ways to manage yourself in the event the topic isn't perfectly relevant to you and your life (manage your boredom nicely!)
2. Persistence can help one be different and also help to achieve goals. For example, Malcolm X was persistent in educating himself, and in the end he achieved much and inspired others

HW: Critical annotation, typed due Thursday. Bring hard copies to class

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