Monday, January 12, 2015


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Discuss Rhetorical Passage from Chapter 2 with partners/small groups
Examine Pust's sample writeup discussing the end of Chapter 2 ("songs" part)
Annotated version of Pust's sample writeup to show what we reviewed in class (NOTE: I had to create an artificial "page break" partway through the paragraph because I made so many comments on the document! Please adhere to MLA format like my non-annotated sample)
Introduce Synthesis Essay

2 Take-aways:

1) Today in class we discussed the rhetorical devices being used by Douglass in his writing to help explain to his audience his purpose on how slaves were really treated. We learned and analyzed in an example how referring to people as "souls" makes slavery a more moral issue on how souls are being broken & thus is an offense to God. We reviewed how to analyze a metaphor and write about how rhetorical devices are used.

2) When introducing the Synthesis essay, we used the analogy of thinking about factors we might consider when choosing a college. By doing this, we were able to broaden our factors and prioritize them. This helps use visualize what we will be doing in the Synthesis essay where will learn to rank important considerations given to us in the prompt.

HW:  Chapter 2 Rhetorical Analysis assignment due Wednesday 1/14 by 9pm on

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