Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Pi Day! :-)

Semicolon Grammar Review
Rules for semicolon use
Quiz over semicolon use and rules next Tuesday
Try playing this adorable game I found on the web to help you review!

Group discussion and multiple-choice practice for Ch 2 of The Great Gatsby
Select three quotations worth discussing, spread evenly throughout the chapter:
What is confusing?
What is important?
What is symbolic or meaningful?
What is disconcerting?
How do the pieces fit together?

HW: Read ch 3 of The Great Gatsby and complete the funneling activity - most important paragraph, most important sentence, and most meaningful or symbolic word. Be prepared to dive in further together on Monday.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Next steps for Local Issues Projects - PowerPoint to explain Part III
Meet in groups to share ideas; whip-around to share solutions with class

HW: Typed draft of Part III including all relevant appendices/figures due Thursday in class