Wednesday, November 20, 2013

AGENDA 11/20

Rhetorical Historical Paper Thesis/Introductions PPT
Handout to assist you as you craft your introduction (this will be given out in class tomorrow)

For tomorrow, please identify the Lasting Rhetoric (handwritten in ink is ok):
LASTING RHETORIC = (aka your thesis--can be multiple sentences)
Description of different discourse communities or genres and their viewpoints
Underlying emotions attached to the event
Lessons learned or what the coverage of the event teaches us

Scarlet Letter Socrative Review Activity

HW: Read and prepare to discuss chapters 5-7 by identifying important details and quotations, writing clarifying and discussion questions, and noting your own opinions and reactions to the text. Begin to craft your introduction paragraph (handwritten neatly in ink is fine).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

AGENDA 11/12

Introduce first handful of vocabulary words from The Scarlet Letter: powerpoint with images and vocabulary chart

Read-Aloud of The Two Bobbies and model SOAPSTone method for rhetorical note-taking

Introduce rhetorical historical analysis paper and share tips for selecting topics--not too broad, works best if the event is controversial, must be a clear *event* and not a person's life...anything from the beginning of recorded human history to last week is up for grabs (except Hurricane Katrina). Think about topics that you connect to personally or that you are genuinely invested in/passionate about.

HW: Select three historical events that you're intrigued by, and write a one-sentence justification for each. Know that I will only accept one or two papers on each topic, so make sure your justification argues why you would be the BEST student to write that particular paper. We're choosing topics tomorrow!