Friday, January 16, 2015


- One Word Vocabulary quiz
- Writing synthesis body paragraphs
NOTE: I revised my body paragraph claim to make it more narrow and give you all more

- Write the rest of the synthesis essay:

  1. hook (consider a personal anecdote--a great time at a museum or a bad time at a museum)
  2. transition/context (link between hook and actual topic/thesis)
  3. thesis/claim (which factors matter most)

•Your own body paragraph that contains evidence from 2 sources--Source A is required, then any source EXCEPT Source D. Keep in mind that while it should not contradict anything in Pust's sample paragraph, you can expand the argument or build on it as you see fit.
•Brief conclusion - For example, try answering the question "Why do museums matter in today's society?"

Take-aways of today:
1. We know our vocab words that we had questions about, including ascendancy (position of influence/control) and utilitarian (made for practicality rather than vanity).

2. How to write a Counterargument Thesis and how to use it to make a stronger claim in a synthesis essay:
- establish the counterargument in your thesis even if you can't fully refute it in your body paragraphs. This way you acknowledge the complexity of the issue.

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Jennifer Pust said...

Thanks so much, L.G. for today's blog update and take-aways. I really appreciate it!