Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Announcement: blog updates!
AP exam registration - approximately $90 per exam; traditionally financial aid has been available--more info on this process soon
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Introduced synthesis!
Define task

HW: ch2 rhetorical analysis assignment due wed. Jan 14th @ 9 pm on turnitin.

Take away: there are many different and valid arguments for why a specific college is the best. The important step that will help you decide on your top 2 college's is deciding which reasons apply most to your individual situation and basing your choice on the frequency by which those reasons are present in each college.

What is synthesis?
A: gathering all the different factors that come in to play when thinking about a certain topic and combining/ ranking them to foam a clear argument.

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Jennifer Pust said...

Thanks, J.R. for sending today's blog update! I really appreciate it!