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Examine synthesis source packet for "Museums" prompt--annotate Source A and Source B in class, paying attention to the "gifts" in the information box. Make a brief prediction as to what the source will contain based on introductory information. Then, as you read the source, notice the following:

1) Read the source, paraphrasing the ideas in the margins as you read to make sure you can understand and explain the information
1a) Highlight or mark unfamiliar vocabulary words, then look them up and begin to learn them! (NOTE: THIS step is for PRACTICE only. Do NOT spend time on this during a timed essay!!!!)
2) Underline or circle relevant or appropriate evidence that matches what you already brainstormed as you examined the prompt
3) Mark any surprising information as you read, perhaps with a star or something. Be on the lookout for surprises so that you can demonstrate a new, more informed viewpoint in your analysis.
4) Make notes about any overlap or parallels or contrasts with other sources as you read on.

Take-aways: Utilize information that shocks you or surprises you which will allow you to build and boost your argument. We are not always right when predicting what a source will be about and part of synthesizing is pulling together the different paragraphs to create a new understanding. When pairing sources one could use: differences, similarities, use 1 source that appears in both paragraphs (dream source), or one general overview and one that is more specific.

HW: Rhetorical Passage from Chapter 2 assignment due at 9pm PST to

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