Monday, February 22, 2010


Finish seminar on entertainment and society
Analyze prompt and generate thesis statement for "Common Life" AP Argument prompt
Discuss types of evidence and create samples

HW: Read "America Skips School" by Benjamin Barber, p. 153 in The McGraw-Hill Reader and "What Really Ails America" by William Bennett, p. 443 in The McGraw-Hill Reader, and be prepared to discuss these essays tomorrow in small groups.

Posting by midnight tonight - Local Issue - on for this week's group (please check calendar on

Rhetorical Terms #8 - write up a device from a classic poem (due Wednesday). See me if you need help coming up with new devices or understanding a poem.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Seminar: Can entertainment ruin society?

Guiding questions: Can entertainment ruin society? Can entertainment uplift and improve society? Provoke change? What's considered "entertainment"? Is entertainment merely escapism, or is it only entertainment if it is "art" or "educational"? Are some forms of entertainment more noble than others? What does entertainment reveal about society?

Refer to the texts "Loose Ends" and "Television Addiction" in The McGraw-Hill Reader as well as current events "Video Games are Good For Kids" and "Study Finds Television Does Not Lower Test Scores" to substantiate your opinions in addition to your observations and personal experiences.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Chart out local issues affecting the city of Santa Monica as a class.

HW: Select a local issue that affects Samohi or the city of Santa Monica (or Los Angeles) and freewrite about the problem. Consider the following:

1) What personal experiences or memories do you have associated with this issue?
2) What solutions have been tried that haven't worked?
3) What can we gain from solving this problem? Who would benefit?
4) What initial ideas do you have for solving this problem?
5) Who could help you get more information on this? Who would know about this issue?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Attend "Focus the Nation" assembly; complete and submit Shape Notes

HW: None (enjoy it while it lasts...)