Monday, October 6, 2014


Share 3-2-1 posters made on Friday for Enrique's Journey with class
(read quotation or question/explain image, and provide an explanation of your choice)

Individual reflection (pre-writing for letters): (CLASSWORK TOMORROW!)
1) How has reading Enrique's Journey developed your empathy? To which people/groups are you more sympathetic? Give 2 textual references to support your responses.
2) What 5 questions do you have for further research? Give 1 textual reference to use as a starting point for further research.
3) Based on what you know so far, in what ways might you be able to contribute to resolving/addressing the issues in this book? What is possible?

HW: Due to today's shortened schedule, we will only complete independent reading for homework tonight. Please plan to finish your book checks before 10/15

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