Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AGENDA 10/21

Watch and discuss CNN's "Six Years After Katrina: A Look Back" video
Funneling: what is the most emotionally charged or significant moment?
Watch a second time and capture every detail--audio, video, etc.
How do the filmmakers/editors intensify the emotions of this scene? What choices do they make to convey or heighten the emotion?

Write a paragraph characterizing the tone of the scene and narrating/describing the details in such a way that someone who has not watched the video would understand and be able to visualize it.

Bag of Destiny share-out: What is something you now realize or that you learned about Hurricane Katrina from this video?

HW: Finish paragraph as needed. Then, ask adults (parents, teachers, neighbors) to name 5 important historical events of the last 125 years (say 1890-present). Do a Wikipedia-level search on those 5 events, and come prepared to share ONE interesting thing you learned or one thing that surprised you about one of the 5 events.

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