Thursday, October 23, 2014

AGENDA 10/23

Resource for Bibliographical Citations - OWL at Purdue

Segment Title: Intro - Hurricane Katrina
Program Title: The Daily Show
Channel: Comedy Central
Performer: Jon Stewart
Air date: 09/06/2005
Found online: 10/22/2014

LAD analysis of excerpt from The Daily Show, "Intro - Hurricane Katrina"
LAD Analysis resource sheet

SOAPSTone + LAD analysis of The Two Bobbies

HW: Write a "flowy" paragraph addressing all of the elements of SOAPSTone for Jon Stewart's "Intro to Hurricane Katrina," typed, or neatly in ink, due Friday (you may write about the elements of SOAPSTone in whatever order makes the most sense). You must include at least ONE direct quotation from the piece in your analysis. Include an MLA-formatted citation and use this Resource for Bibliographical Citations - OWL at Purdue to help you (hint: scroll down to directions for Recorded Television Episodes, but since it's an online source and not a DVD or Videocassette, use the appropriate Medium of Publication). URL is optional, but if you include it, get it right!

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