Friday, October 24, 2014

AGENDA 10/24

Peer feedback: identifying SOAPSTone elements in our writing
underline: analysis of speaker
circle: analysis of occasion
wiggly line: analysis of audience
highlighter color #1: analysis of purpose and tone words
place boxes around: analysis of structure
highlighter color #2: direct quotations (check to make sure quotations are properly and meaningfully introduced, and that they do not begin sentences or paragraphs)
Check MLA formatting of citation; congratulate students who did it correctly

HW: Revise flowy paragraph to include analysis of all elements of SOAPSTone and LAD; add additional paragraphs as needed. Type for Monday and include a correctly formatted citation (be sure to double-space both document and citation and use a 0.5" hanging indent (you can find this formatting using the Format-->Paragraph dialog box).

Here are tips for creating MLA format if you use Mac Pages
Here are tips for creating MLA format if you use MS Word 2007
There are tips for all major word processors here with detailed tutorials on how to make the MLA formatting happen! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page!

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