Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AGENDA 10/22

Share 5 events you researched and 1 fact about 1 of them with class (whip-around)
Call on 5 people using Bag of Destiny to share out paragraphs from yesterday's video

Watch Jon Stewart's Daily Show "Intro to Hurricane Katrina" -- write a paragraph addressing SOAPSTone for this piece, due on Friday. (It should be a "flowy" paragraph, not a bulleted list of notes, even though you'll use the bulleted SOAPSTone notes and questions to assist you.)

HW: Write a "flowy" paragraph addressing all of the elements of SOAPSTone for Jon Stewart's "Intro to Hurricane Katrina," typed, or neatly in ink, due Friday (you may write about the elements of SOAPSTone in whatever order makes the most sense).

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