Friday, October 10, 2014

AGENDA 10/10

Finish and submit group guided reading activity from Deborah Tannen's "There is No Unmarked Woman"

Practice rhetorical reading skills independently for Stephen Jay Gould's essay "Women's Brains"
Read the essay carefully, then on notebook paper:

  1. Write a paragraph explaining SOAP and identifying the author's tone. Here is a brief biography of Gould and the introduction to the published essay you are reading.
  2. Complete "funneling": highlight the most important paragraph, most essential sentence, and most symbolic word directly on the essay using a pen or highlighter. Then, on your notebook paper, write a two-sentence justification for your symbolic word only.
  3. Select three unfamiliar vocabulary words. On the notebook paper, write the three words, your predicted definitions based on context clues, and then an actual dictionary definition.
  4. Answer these closing questions:
                      A. What purposes do the quotations from Middlemarch serve? (Keep in mind that George Eliot's real name was Mary Anne Evans!)
                      B. What evidence ca n you find to make the case that Gould's true subject was not "women's brains," but rather assumptions about the abilities of certain groups?

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