Wednesday, June 8, 2011


"This I Believe": Peer and Trusted Adult Revision Sheet (due Monday for period 2; Tuesday for periods 3 and 5)

Continue All the Pretty Horses discussion - pages 203-217

HW: Read and prepare for tomorrow's discussion over pages 219-241. Review the passage on pages 220-221.
Consider, as you read:
How do the farmworkers treat John Grady at the opening of Part IV?
What religious imagery/references do you see in this section, and what does it make you think about?
How is he received back at La Purisima?
What happens in John Grady's dream on page 225 and what might it mean?
What does he learn from his meeting with Dueña Alfonsa?
What sentiments does Dueña Alfonsa share that remind you of the captain? Of Don Héctor? Of Pérez?

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