Monday, June 6, 2011


"This I Believe" - drafting time. Drafts due THURSDAY!!!

"The Key to a Long Life" by Brian Eno

Discussion over All the Pretty Horses, pages 153-178

HW: Read pages 178-203. Review the rhetorical analysis passage from pages 199-200. SO EPIC!!!!
Consider, as you read:
  • What is sympathetic about the captain? What is troubling about him?
  • Who is Pérez? What insights does he share with the boys?
  • What does Pérez mean when he insists, "You dont speak [the language]"?
  • What does Pérez mean when he talks about superstition? How much control do you think Pérez has over the prison?
  • How does John Grady get a weapon? What is he fighting for, at this point?
  • What is the significance of his sharing tobacco with the indian? (p 197)
  • How does the description of the knife fight differ from the death of Blevins?

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