Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Grammar Practice: Who, That, Which

Continue AtPH discussion over pages 178-203. SO EPIC!!!

HW: Read pages 203-217 and review the rhetorical analysis passage on pages 208-209 to prepare for tomorrow's discussion.

What is John Grady's recovery like?
How would you describe John Grady and Rawlins' reunion?
What's the significance of their discussion about blood (pages 210-211)?
Why does Rawlins ask John Grady, "What's the worst thing you ever done?" and how does John Grady respond?
Note the level of detail to describe John Grady's scar on page 215.
Why do you think McCarthy describes John Grady as "some newfound evangelical being conveyed down out of the mountains and north across the flat bleak landscape toward Monclova"? What "good news" might he bring?

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