Monday, June 13, 2011


All the Pretty Horses seminar - 257-283
"This I Believe": Peer and Trusted Adult Revision Sheet (due Monday for period 2; Tuesday for periods 3 and 5) and conferences

HW: Read the end of the book--last discussion is on Wednesday! Finish your "This I Believe" essay. Proof of submission to NPR, gold revision sheet, and final copy of essay due on the day of the final exam. Bring snacks to share!

As you finish reading the book, consider:
  • What is the significance of the rainy wedding scene?
  • How does John Grady reemerge in Texas and what is significant about his arrival?
  • Why does John Grady go to see the judge at his home? What new wisdom does he find from a man of the law at the end of the book? (Remember how the lawyer at the beginning wasn't helpful?)
  • What does he learn at Reverend Blevins' home?
  • What parallels do you see between the beginning and end of this novel? Why do these parallels matter?
  • Think about the ending. The British novelist Fay Weldon offers this observation about happy endings. “The writers, I do believe, who get the best and most lasting response from their readers are the writers who offer a happy ending through moral development. By a happy ending, I do not mean mere fortunate events -- a marriage or a last minute rescue from death -- but some kind of spiritual reassessment or moral reconciliation, even with the self, even at death.” In what ways does this book offer Weldon's notion of "a happy ending"? What spiritual reassessment or moral reconciliation does John Grady experience?

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