Thursday, June 2, 2011


Journaling - focusing on a topic
"This I Believe" - "Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day" by Josh Rittenberg

Continue today's discussion of All the Pretty Horses, pages 111-132
  • What is the significance of the colors associated with Alejandra?
  • What power struggles do you see between John Grady and Don Hector during John Grady's interview?
  • What's up with the cats in the interview scene?
  • How is the relationship between John Grady and Rawlins changing? What tensions do you see developing?
  • How would you describe the interactions between John Grady and Alejandra?

HW: Read pages 132-152 (finish Part II) and review the lake scene on page 141. Consider the following as you read:
What is the significance of the chess game? How is this another power struggle?
How does the motif of "playing games" and "winning and losing" run through this section?
What happens at the end of the section? Why do you think it happens?

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