Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Grammar Practice: Misplaced Modifiers
Film clip - All the Pretty Horses "Sixteen Horses in Four Days"

Discussion over pages 97-110
  • What unusual techniques does John Grady use to break the horses?
  • What might the wild horses symbolize or represent in this section?
  • What parallels exist between Don Hector's ranch and the one JG has lost?
  • How are the horses and their "transformation" described?
  • What is significant about our "mystery girl"? How does she alter John Grady's world "in the space of a single heartbeat"?
  • What instances of religious imagery do you see, and why might this imagery be significant?

HW: Read and be prepared to discuss pages 110-131 for tomorrow. Review the rhetorical analysis passage on page 123. Think about your This I Believe essay topic: it's time to focus!

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