Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Homework Review/Peer Revision, BB Funneling One-Pager: Let's examine our responses and note how we discussed the choices the author made in terms of symbolic words or important sentences. What patterns can we find in the language? Who is the intended audience? How would we describe the tone? How do all of these choices reflect the author's purpose?

Four Main Purposes of Writing

Additional Practice: Rhetorical passage from pages 39-40 of The Boys in the Boat. Apply the annotating and funneling strategies again, this time making sure to select the important sentence/symbolic word from different paragraphs within the passage. What's the author's purpose/meaning in this text? What is the tone? Who is the intended audience? Which word(s)/sentences matter most to express that purpose/meaning? Remember RARF: Read, Annotate, Re-read, Funnel!

HW: Practice the annotating and funneling strategies again, this time using RARF with President Roosevelt's "Proper Place for Sports," a letter he wrote to his son. Be ready to discuss the tone, important sentences/words that achieve purpose, and stylistic choices that Roosevelt makes for his intended audience.

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