Friday, September 11, 2015


Read, Annotate, Reread, Funnel "Winning Isn't Everything, But Don't Tell Anyone" by Jack Bowen
Discuss and write two-sentence summary of Bowen's claim.

We talked about: unfamiliar vocabulary, clarifying confusing parts (e.g., what's a pinch-runner?), stylistic purpose of the three anecdotes (Why is each included? Why does Bowen arrange them in this order? What purposes do they serve together? How does each build on the former?) and his overall purpose/argument.

HW: Read, Annotate, Reread, Funnel Amanda Ripley's "The Case Against High School Sports"and write a two-sentence summary of Ripley's claim. Be prepared to discuss overlaps and points-of-difference between Ripley's piece and the other "winning" essays/editorials/letters we've read: Bowen's, Schwartz's, and Roosevelt's.

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