Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Class discussion: Amanda Ripley's "The Case Against High School Sports"

Questions to consider:

  • What did you annotate?
  • What was your symbolic word, most important sentence, and most important paragraph?
  • Which part would be most compelling to someone who disagreed with Ripley's views?
  • Where does Ripley make emotional appeals or tug on the reader's heartstrings?
  • Which evidence is the strongest or most compelling?
  • What is the purpose of the concession paragraph on page 3? To what extent is this paragraph self-contradictory? How does it add to her argument or help persuade the audience?
  • What might Ripley oversimplify or overlook in her argument? What could she add to further support her claims?

HW: Continue to work on independent reading (complete 200+ pages by 9/22) and learning vocabulary words from Ready Player One and The Boys in the Boat.

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