Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Introduction to Annotation and Funneling

Some thoughts about annotating texts:

  • It's time to have a system! You can use highlighters, symbols, or a combination of underlining/circling. What matters is consistency--adopt this system for reading not only literature/NF in English class, but also history, science, etc.
  • What to look for:
    • unfamiliar vocabulary
    • parts that are confusing or need clarification
    • parts that showcase the author's writing style
    • important ideas or takeaways from the text: What are we supposed to learn or realize here?

Visual from the board to describe funneling

HW: Read and "funnel" Passage #4 from the practice handout. Then select ONE of the four passages to write about--explain your most important sentence and most symbolic word in a one-pager, using the author's name, Brown, as much as possible, to keep the focus on Brown's tone and choices. This may be handwritten neatly in blue or black ink or typed in MLA format and is due tomorrow. If you need an extension, please contact me today. :-) 

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