Friday, October 7, 2011


Grammar Practice: Pronoun Consistency #2

Debrief Kilbourne video Killing Us Softly 4:
Review key terms: objectification, dismemberment, silencing, infantilization
Explain Kilbourne's thesis/main claim
List some of Kilbourne's minor propositions (reasons)
Discuss the types of appeals she uses (ethos, logos, pathos)
Explain ways in which she anticipates and refutes audience objections
Explain some of Kilbourne's warrants
Explain the solutions she offers
Evaluate her argument--what is convincing? what is hard to accept?

HW: Review and choose one of the following ads:

Choose one of the ads above. Write a response (no more than one page) explaining what Jean Kilbourne would say about the ad, including details or vocabulary from the film as appropriate. Then draw your own conclusions--to what extent (and to whom?) is the ad harmful? What do you think? Kilbourne argues that it's up to us to change the ads and the culture by becoming "citizens first, rather than consumers." What might that entail?

Bring your McGraw-Hill Reader on Monday!!!!

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