Friday, October 21, 2011

AGENDA 10/21

Grammar Practice: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Introduce Researchpalooza Assignment and select research groups; due THURSDAY

FULL TOPICS: (in case you haven't decided yet, these ones are off-limits)
OJ Simpson Trial
9/11 (unless you're in period 5--then there's still a spot open)
Pearl Harbor
JFK Assassination
Casey Anthony Trial
Occupy Wall Street
Death of Michael Jackson
LA Riots/Rodney King

Consider all sorts of interesting things from 20th century/current history that might only be a short paragraph (if they're mentioned at all) in your history textbooks: Death of Steve Jobs; Rescue of Chilean Miners; Magic Johnson's initial retirement from basketball due to HIV; Challenger space shuttle explosion; Y2K fears; Japanese-American internment during WWII; release of the Mitchell Report and steroids in baseball; President Clinton's censure/impeachment; Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill case--and so many more!

Turn in Kelley revisions and share out (what FLTs did you revise and how effective do you think your revisions were?):
1) pink reflection sheet
2) typed revised essay
3) original timed essay

HW: Complete research proposal on your topic for Monday. Examine my sample proposal with comments to help guide you, or the Rhetorical Historical assignment sheet. Begin finding research for your group members as part of Thursday's Researchpalooza assignment.

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