Thursday, October 13, 2011

AGENDA 10/13

Examine and discuss the visual arguments in this Ad Council poster for

Lesson: How to read with "healthy skepticism": try not to be "cynical," "dismissive," or "readily accepting"as you read, but instead practice questioning, separate parts of the argument to view it from different perspectives, keep your own emotions in check, and consider ideas carefully

HW: Read "Why Men are in Trouble" by William J. Bennett, "Are Fathers Necessary?" by Pamela Paul, and "Men At Work" by Anna Quindlen, McGraw-Hill Reader, pages 371-373 and be prepared to discuss not only the ideas of each text tomorrow, but HOW you interacted with the reading. Which parts made you want to shut down and stop reading? What angered or inspired you? What ideas were you eager to accept? What did you want to challenge or dismiss?

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