Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Tweet revisions: please review the #bestbookever handout and correct any mistakes in formatting. Bring a new revised copy on Friday (or email it to before class on Friday and I'll print it for you).

In groups of five, discuss the questions and share your quotations for the California: Myth vs. Reality chart

HW: Study for vocabulary test on Friday by reviewing your vocabulary notebook. If you wish, complete the Word Search (solution is here) and the additional vocabulary warm-up practice to help you. As you study, make sure that you know how to spell each word, how the word is pronounced, how to provide synonyms and antonyms, how to construct a sentence that defines the word's meaning in context, and how to illustrate the meaning of the word with a brief picture.  Continue to revise Sense of Place essay--clean, revised, typed draft #2 due in class on Monday for second peer review. Revise #bestbookever Tweet if needed. Please bring an independent reading book for approval to class on Friday (or you may choose a book from my classroom library).

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