Thursday, September 12, 2013


Reminders: MLA Format and Sense of Place essays - check out pages 34 and 35 of your Binder Reminders! Upload Sense of Place essays to before 11:59pm tomorrow.  Check out the scoring guide on Turnitin (stairstep icon by assignment name). Contact me ASAP if you have any trouble with Turnitin!

Jigsaw activity: Review levels of questions, then share out with your group from yesterday to become "experts" on your chapter. Next, meet with two people from the other groups--a new group of three with representatives from chapters 22, 26, and 30. Answer these questions together and take notes:

1) Key Ideas and Details: What is the most significant idea Steinbeck presents in your chapter?
2) Craft and Structure: What technique most helps Steinbeck convey the idea expressed in #1 above? Show evidence from the text.
3) Integration of Knowledge and Ideas: How do these three chapters intersect with each other? What ideas build across chapters? How does this inform our understanding of Humanism?
4) Reflect and Share: What do you now understand about these chapters or the book as a whole? What did all of these questions/discussion help you notice in the text?

HW: Sense of Place essays due by 11:59pm on Friday to Review pages 34 and 35 of Binder Reminder for help with MLA formatting.

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