Monday, September 23, 2013


Review and peer-revise rhetorical terms entries analysis paragraphs:
1) highlight the author's name (Is it capitalized? Spelled correctly? Full name used the first time, then just the last name for all remaining times?)
2) highlight direct quotations (Are they introduced properly by the author's name and argument verbs? If the quotation begins a sentence, make a note to revise. Also, the first quotation should be roughly sentence-length, then individual words or short phrases should be quoted in subsequent sentences)
3) highlight argument verbs (e.g., illustrates, suggests, reveals, shows,
4) highlight "the speaker"
5) highlight parenthetical citation, e.g., (lines 1-4)

If your partner uses "the reader" or "you" or "your" in his/her paper, please make notes to revise. The paragraph should probably use the author's name at least three times to help you retain control over the argument and stay focused on the poem's "message" or meaning.

HW: Revise analysis paragraph for tomorrow's class. Final draft due Thursday to Grammar quiz Friday--please complete Verbs 11.6 before Wednesday's class so we can review it quickly. Please bring ID card tomorrow as we're heading to the textbook room, and remember to complete your book conference with me before 10/3 (500 pages of independent reading).

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