Monday, October 8, 2012


Computer Lab T110
Pass out instructions for Annotated Bibliography and Research Questions for candidates/issues
Work to find four sources for annotated bibliography - include at least one nonpartisan source (see recommended websites on Election Project description handout or on links at the right of this blog!) and at least one "biased" source. Include at least one "media" source (audio/video). Try searching YouTube or local television news stations for footage.  If no media is available (for example, if you're studying measure ES), you can interview a local expert. Include at least one source originally found in print/hard copy. If you are studying a proposition and have an official CA Voter Information Guide at home or a local Los Angeles sample ballot, that will work!  If not, see if you have any mailings related to the campaign, or check local newspapers like The Los Angeles Times (we get newspapers in our school library!).

HW: Continue to draft essay in response to "Owls" prompt and submit to before 9am tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow we're in the lab again--this time for peer review.  We'll be in the lab a final time on Wednesday to work on annotated bibliographies.

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