Friday, October 19, 2012

AGENDA 10/19

Grammar: Semicolons #4
QUIZ next Wednesday over semicolon use.  You'll need to know how to answer/punctuate the sentences and give the complete semicolon rules. See resources below in the HW section.

Explain Election Authentic Audience presentations - share template to help you plan presentations
PTSA Election Night 10/24 @ 6:30pm in the Cafeteria

Tips for drafting Election Ad script - use brackets/parentheses and italics for sound effects/music descriptions. Look at "Future" ad for guidance.

UNDECIDED: lots of appeals to emotions, includes facts (though not necessarily very specific--e.g., "she created jobs" as opposed to "she saved taxpayers 1.4 million over the last eight years), often story-based with characters people can relate to.  GOAL: Undecided ads are introductions--they give the basics, rely heavily on emotions, and probably won't mention the other side.

BASE: appeals to emotions, esp. at end. May use fallacies sparingly. MUST include specific facts with concrete details and/or numbers. May discredit opponent/opposing side. GOAL:  to affirm your side and encourage supporters to get out and vote, and get even more involved in the campaign.

OPPOSITION: appeals to emotions, esp. at beginning and end.  MUST include specific facts with concrete details and/or numbers.  Often targeted at a very narrow audience, trying to win people over on one part of the issue or based on one common thread or idea.  (Narrower audiences: mothers, environmentalists, people sympathetic to illegal immigrants, etc.) GOAL: to clear up misunderstandings, misrepresentations, or set the record straight and clear up confusion from other side.  Try to win a few votes/change a few minds at a time. (Common phrases include "you've heard..." "____ has said that _____" or "supporters say ____, but ____.")

HW: Indie reading - complete 500 pages by November 7th!
QUIZ on Wednesday over semicolon use and logical fallacies
Logical Fallacies Practice #1

Logical Fallacies Practice #2
Understanding Fallacies PowerPoint
Understanding Fallacies PowerPoint Notes

Semicolons Practice #1

Semicolons Practice #2

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