Monday, November 21, 2011

AGENDA 11/21

Vocabulary: Introduce new words from Nature & Environment Unit

Revision activity: using your body paragraph, get four highlighters (pink, yellow, blue, and green) and color-code your draft following Pust's sample...

Yellow: highlight opening claim (description of how this source is similar to/different from other sources)
Blue: direct quotations, specific details from work, and citations in parentheses
Green: description of impact of genre and/or decisions made to suit a particular audience (e.g, Since this is a children’s book…or Because this is a political cartoon…)
Pink: underlying emotions and tone words (highlighted as individual words) and full sentences describing purpose and motivations

Then, answer the two reflection questions and staple to the back of your color-marked draft:

1) Based on your color-marking and viewing Pust's sample, what do you need to develop in your draft? (e.g., I need to include citations, I need to add more discussion of genre because I don't have enough green, etc.)
2) What do I need help with? (e.g., I don't know how to cite a video, I am not sure what the underlying emotions of this source are, etc.)

HW: Review materials for tomorrow's timed rhetorical analysis essay. HINT: You want to bring your pink FLT sheet for Rhetorical Analysis, your revised Florence Kelley essay, and any handouts related to rhetorical analysis (like your old sample paragraphs we did before the Kelley essay).

Also, for WEDNESDAY, bring the following:
1) Today's body paragraph, color-marked
2) Reflection questions answered, stapled to the back
3) Clean copy of your revised paragraph (revise based on color-marking between now and Wednesday to incorporate the things you said you needed in your revision)
4) A SECOND body paragraph(s) section discussing a different source or discourse community, with all of the above components in mind (it should already be "revised" to meet the components we highlighted for)

For MONDAY, bring a THIRD body paragraph section.

NOTE: I will distribute Uh-Oh slips to anyone who does not have these items on MONDAY. If you are absent on Wednesday, you will automatically get an Uh-Oh slip if you do not have the items complete and with you at the start of the period on Monday.

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