Thursday, November 17, 2011

AGENDA 11/17

Analyze and compose body paragraph for Mary Oliver "Owls" passage in small groups
Review components of rhetorical analysis body paragraph:

1a) (OPTIONAL--if you're feeling fancy) Thematic sentence expressing ideas of passage
1) Opening claim that includes both a technique and purpose
2) Meaningful 1/2 sentence to introduce sentence-length quotation that shows technique in action
3) Return to quotation to discuss connotations of particular words - why THAT word choice?
4) Conclude paragraph by exploring significance of ideas or use of that technique -- why is THAT technique used HERE? How does it add to/convey the author's overall purpose or message?

HW: Due TOMORROW: All 6 sets of research notes in either SOAPSTone or REALM style, in MLA format w/ citation at top. Bring in sources (if printed) and introduction paragraph too. 30 points! Timed essay on rhetorical analysis on Monday. Review your FLT sheet for rhetorical analysis (pink) and your Florence Kelley essay revisions prior to Monday's timed essay.

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Review components of rhetorical analysis body paragraph is excellent.
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