Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Grammar practice - Pronoun Case #2
Tacit codes - Personal Experience sample paragraph and tips

HW: Revise your personal experience paragraph to include or further develop all 5 components; if you have all 5, do a style revision to make your sentences more "sassy." Write a new body paragraph for the tacit codes prompt, following your same thesis, using an example from literature, film, television, or another creative work (song, poem, play, etc.). Remember to make it specific, using names and details from one particular scene. Remember to clearly link between the example and the prompt/argument. Remember to attribute the genre, e.g., in the film Jerry Maguire; in Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter; in one episode of the animated television program Family Guy...and remember that if you choose something that is not particularly sophisticated, esteemed, or highbrow, make your language more formal to compensate.

Finish reading Ch. 2 of The Great Gatsby. Questions to consider as you read:
1) How does Fitzgerald show the tension in Tom and Myrtle's relationship?
2) How does Fitzgerald describe Myrtle's apartment?

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