Monday, February 23, 2015


Period 3 ONLY: Guest Speaker, Superintendent Sandy Lyon
Pust's Notes from guest speaker, Superintendent Sandy Lyon
If you were absent from Period 3, please print my notes and annotate them with your questions, comments, and responses, then complete the two reflection stems:

1) Today, I learned...
2) Now, I'm wondering...

Worth thinking about: Based on Sandy Lyon's talk, which of our reformers would she most likely side with? Which ideas from our education unit texts would she most disagree with?

Periods 4 & 5:
Introduce foldables for education unit texts (you can use these, or another note-taking system, to track your annotations from The Pact and our other short essays within this education unit

Check out computers and introduce the discussion board activity:
1) Between now and 3/5, make two posts to each of the three topics
2) ALL of your posts must be written in standard academic English and contain at least one direct quotation from the relevant chapters of The Pact.
3) Some of your posts may introduce new topics, but some should be replies to other student comments. Do not make all six of your comments opening new topics.

Discussion posts are due before 3/5. Make sure your comments and questions are thoughtful and that each contains a relevant quotation, introduced smoothly, to advance or support your ideas.

Note: We'll be selecting topics for our local issues research papers on Friday. Be thinking about potential topics and group members, if desired, for your research papers.

HW: Continue independent reading & annotating of The Pact if needed. Begin posting on discussion board. Read notes from Sandy Lyon's guest speaker talk if you're interested in researching school issues.

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