Friday, February 13, 2015


Period 3: foldables
Answer questions about yesterday's assignment. Need more help? Drop-in Tuesday or Wednesday at lunch and you can submit the synthesis paragraphs on Thursday

Guest speaker, Mr. Wells, periods 4 and 5
PowerPoint from Mr. Wells' presentation
Pust's notes from Mr. Wells' presentation: if you were absent, please print out my notes and annotate them, then complete the two reflection statements: "Today, I learned that..." and "Now, I'm wondering..."

HW: Read Susan Jacoby's essay, “When Bright Girls Decide that Math is a Waste of Time,” pages 140-143; Benjamin Barber's essay, "America Skips School," pages 153-162; and William J. Bennett's essay, “What Really Ails America,” pages 443-446, all in The McGraw-Hill Reader. As you read, annotate, ask thoughtful questions, make connections, and be prepared to discuss on Tuesday.

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