Thursday, January 9, 2014


Textbook room - pick up The Pact
Continue discussion of education texts, focusing especially on paragraph 5 of "From Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education" by Horace Mann
3-Minute Paper to reflect (turn in)

HW: Write argument introduction: Defend, challenge, or qualify the claim Horace Mann makes in paragraph 5 of "From Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education". Write a hook, background, and thesis.

Steps for success:
1) Reread paragraph 5
2) Articulate Mann's claim: Horace Mann argues in paragraph 5 of "From Report " that...
3) Think about your first instinct/gut reaction: do you agree or disagree with Mann's claim? Generate 2 reasons for your position.
4) Craft a thesis. Consider using the While [some people believe differently]... ultimately, [my position is...]...because [reason #1] and [reason #2]  structure.
5) Create a brief, engaging hook related to the topic. You might retell a quick story from your life, share a famous or insightful quotation, or recount a scene from a famous book, movie, or TV show.
6) Write a short transition between the hook and the thesis that explains the context or gives necessary background information. Remember that somewhere in your introductory paragraph, you need to give the title of the piece and the name of the author (in this case, Horace Mann), and if it's relevant, the genre and occasion of the text.

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