Monday, January 27, 2014


Field trip info
Overview of next few weeks - field trip, guest speakers, etc.
Watch "Well Being" Project video and begin to draft City questions
Discussion over key motifs and ideas in Proof: thinking about "genius"
Share responses

HW: If you haven't already, post two comments on the discussion boards (log in to, then select the tab at the top that says "Discussion" and you'll find four posts to choose from. Click on one, read my initial prompt and sample reply, and then respond with your own favorite quotations, wonderings, reactions, etc.). Read "When Bright Girls Decide That Math is 'a Waste of Time'" by Susan Jacoby, page 140 in the McGraw-Hill Reader, and "How Women Learn" by Belenky et al. Look for connections among these three texts--how do these nonfiction essays shed further light on Proof? Be ready to discuss all three on Wednesday!

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