Thursday, September 27, 2012


Introduce Election Project and get into groups of three
TOMORROW: Computer Lab T110.  Be reasonably aware of the following campaign issues (that is to say, if you've never heard of one or more of the things on this list, ask your parents tonight, consult Wikipedia, etc.):
privatization of Social Security             Obamacare
Medicare                                             Patriot Act
offshore oil drilling                              farm subsidies
debt ceiling                                          online privacy
bank bailout                                         progressive tax
amnesty/path to citizenship                
 President Obama's 2009 Stimulus Plan

Fallacies Group Quiz
View the following commercials and discuss the primary fallacy the commercial employs:

Miller Lite: "Skinny Jeans" 
Little Caesar's: "No Rules!" 
Axe Body Spray: "Billions" 
Fancy Feast: "A Love Story" 
AT&T: "Postcards" 
SoCal Honda: "Helpful: Lesson"
Verizon: "Easy Choice 2.0"

HW: Finish independent reading! Confer with me about your books tomorrow if you haven't already done so...250 pages due! Meet in the computer lab, T110, tomorrow and bring your indie reading book!

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