Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Vocabulary warm-up #3 and #4 on words from The Glass Castle
Quiz tomorrow!!!

Bring independent reading book to class every day; bring McGraw-Hill Reader to class on Friday

Watch TEDX Talk by Lucianne Walkowicz, "Look Up for a Change" and discuss:

1) What is Walkowicz's claim? Express her argument in a sentence or two (e.g., In her lecture "Look Up for a Change," Walkowicz contends that...)

2) What benefits and drawbacks of technology does Walkowicz describe?

3) What are your reactions to Walkowicz's argument? What evidence from your own life experiences, or things you have read, seen, or studied, supports your thinking?

HW: Study for tomorrow's vocabulary quiz on words from The Glass Castle, using the vocabulary chart: page 1, page 2, page 3

Finish revising "Sense of Place" writing assignment - final draft due 9/17 to Rubric available when you log in at on the little "staircase" icon next to the assignment title.
Refer to Pust's sample "Sense of Place" writing assignment for guidance, and please submit drafts to me for comments after you have it peer-reviewed!

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