Friday, October 29, 2010

AGENDA 10/29

Grammar practice: Verbs review
Work period: work on commercial scripts or on rhetorical terms entry.

HW: Finish recording and editing your three radio commercials. Please bring the audio files on a flash drive or burned on a CD. For flash drives, please adhere to the standard file name as we requested: LastnameBASE.mp3 or LastnameOPPOSITION.wav, etc. If you have a common last name, please use your first initial before your last name. Files should be saved as .mp3, .aiff, or .wav. Please verify that your files work correctly by trying them on several computers. If you are using a flash drive, please back up all other files that might be on the flash drive, and consider making a separate folder called "Election" to make the files easy for me to find. If you are burning the tracks onto CD, please label the cd with your first and last name, and label the three tracks (Track 1 - Base) etc. on the actual CD as it will not preserve the track names on my computer. Have a back up plan no matter what!

Type up and print out a Chicago-style title page for your project (the title of your project would be your particular ad, like "No on Proposition 27" or "Jerry Brown for Governor" or "Elect Meg Whitman" or something like that). Next, print out two copies of your final radio ad transcripts. On your second copy, annotate as follows: write two sentences' worth of explanation following each ad explaining how you tailored it to a base, opposition, or undecided audience. Then, color-mark the ad with red for appeals to pathos, blue for appeals to logos, green for appeals to ethos, and purple for rhetorical techniques. Further, in red (pathos), you'll explain which emotions you were trying to appeal to, e.g., fear, or pride. In purple, you'll label the rhetorical techniques you used, e.g., rhetorical question, anaphora, etc.

If you don't have access to colored pencils, markers, or highlighters, you can get some from me before school on Monday. Projects due Monday.

Rhetorical terms entry #2 for The Bluest Eye due 11/3. Extensions available.

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