Thursday, October 14, 2010

AGENDA 10/14

Discuss and analyze rhetorical appeals and techniques (including sound effects) in the following political ads:
Listen to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: "Future" (aimed at undecided youth voters--mainly pathos)
Transcript of "Future" ad
Listen to Dino Rossi: "Too Long" (aimed at opposition--mainly logos)
Transcript of "Too Long" ad
Listen to Pete Wilson: "Sentences" (aimed at party base--those wanting someone "tough on crime"--an even mix of logos and pathos appeals)
Transcript of "Sentences" ad
Distribute handout on Read vs. Spoken language elements and tips for addressing different audiences
Discuss "target" audiences and how diction reflects changes in audience
Discuss implications and address questions on students' own commercial scripts

HW: Prepare for a seminar tomorrow, over The Bluest Eye, pages 1-123, and the following articles:
"See Baby Discriminate," Newsweek
"On Covers of Many Magazines, A Full Racial Palette Is Still Rare,"New York Times
Prepare for seminar by highlighting quotations, jotting down questions and comments for discussion, and noting connections between the articles and what we've read so far in The Bluest Eye
Begin drafting commercial scripts

REVISION TO DEADLINES: Next Wednesday, 10/20, bibliographies of research for Election Issues Project will be due (4+ sources, Chicago style). Typed rough drafts of commercial scripts will be due at the beginning of the period on FRIDAY, 10/22. Drafts should include all narration and sound effects/description of background music. Refer to samples presented in class for help, or come in and see me!

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