Monday, March 13, 2017

AGENDA 3/13 AND 3/14


Complete the “Quick Review Synthesis Source Packet” to analyze weekend homework on "Museums" prompt. After you finish, discuss your responses with table. Read thesis statements aloud

Compose hook/context and rewrite on new lined paper with hook/context first and then thesis. Write neatly in ink. For hook/context, consider the experiences you've had or exposure you've had to museums through film or literature. What do you know about this topic? How can you ADD to the ongoing conversation?

Review the “Tips for Writing an Effective Synthesis Body Paragraph” handout and read pages 160-166 in your textbook. Then compose two rich and fully-developed body paragraphs that include evidence from THREE different sources and follow the guidelines, depth, and complexity outlined in the gold synthesis handout and the textbook, pages 160-166, and a thoughtful conclusion.

HW: Finish synthesis essay draft if not finished in class (please write neatly, in INK) and bring completed essay to class on Wednesday. Begin work on 5-4-3-2-1 Reading Prep for your outside reading book.