Monday, February 13, 2017


Model how to create a Wikipedia analysis for two historical/current events: Hurricane Katrina and the rescue of "Baby Jessica," Jessica McClure

(remember to right-click when pasting and select "paste without formatting" to avoid copying over links or formatted text!)

Note: When citing Wikipedia pages, please DO NOT cite by corporate author as the page recommends. Instead, cite by the title of the article in quotation marks. Also, your instructor would like for you to include the URL, so please do so at the end of your citation, giving the full URL, between "alligators" (tags). For example, this page would be: .

HW: Register for the AP Exam in person before school, at lunch, or after school this week! Think about the two events you'd like to research tomorrow, remembering that you will need a compelling reason or question or connection or curiosity to guide your research. We'll be choosing final research topics before the end of the week!

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