Thursday, January 19, 2017


Announcement: Samohi Summer Reading Selection Committee and description of book finalists
Meeting 2/28 at 3:30 in I201

Reviewing homework from textbook (pg. 109, #1-8) and fallacies worksheet
Creating posters in groups to review fallacies

Posters that receive full credit will have the following qualities:
  • The name of the fallacy, spelled correctly, in large, easy-to-read letters
  • A brief explanation or definition of the fallacy in your own words
  • An image or "comic" to illustrate the fallacy, with a caption or dialogue to show the fallacy in action
  • Be free of errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation
  • Be neat and use color for emphasis and effect
Per 3 only: Writing Center protocol and essay return

HW: Bring your independent reading book to class TOMORROW. Correct older fallacies homework as necessary and read the first 15-20 pages of your independent reading book.

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