Thursday, February 11, 2016


Collect revised Chavez paragraphs

Discuss techniques used and appeals made to ethos, pathos, and logos in Pust's sample letter to Marie Claire magazine editor
Planning for your rhetorical letter:

  • Consider your request first: Do you want the person or company to send you more information? Do something differently? Add on to what they are already doing? Make a change?
  • Determine your recipient: Ask for help narrowing it down or finding the appropriate audience if you need to!
  • Select your text: You must include a direct quotation from one of our class texts and incorporate it into your argument as an "expert opinion."
Bring a typed rough draft to class on Tuesday for peer revision and advice!

Work time: Begin responses to The Pact discussion boards on using your tree maps and book. You'll need to complete a total of six posts to the three discussion boards--two for each. You may start a new topic or respond to the ideas of another student (or me), and must use academic English (capitalize proper nouns, no texting language, etc.) and must include a direct quotation in each of your six posts. If you write more than six posts, you only need to include direct quotations in six of them.

In-class work check: (don't turn in; points given at your desk)

  1. Tree maps for The Pact
  2. Circle maps for letter brainstorming
  3. Intro/body paragraph for Maria Stewart prompt
  4. Intro/body paragraph for John Downe letter prompt
HW: For Tuesday, bring a typed draft of your rhetorical letter. Complete six Pact discussion board posts (2 for each topic) before 2/21 at 10pm.

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