Thursday, October 8, 2015


Make a “circle map” with the word “Models” in the small center circle, and a box near the edge of the paper surrounding the circle, like this:

Then, in the larger ring, (the “donut” as opposed to the “donut hole”), list words or ideas associated with models (and by models, I mean, “supermodels”), words like, “beautiful” or “thin” or “long-legged.” Doesn’t have to be single words, either, can be phrases, like “smiling for a camera” or whatever you happen to know about models.

Watch the short Dove film “Evolution.” After the film, students should first discuss your reactions with a sharing partner: What did this make you think about? How might you add to your maps?

Next, add ideas to your circle map, circling any new information added in green marker or highlighter pens (I have plenty of markers near the red-and-yellow bulletin board, and highlighter pens near the blue vocabulary charts). It has to be green--the color is important. The color green is to designate information gained from sources, not prior knowledge (because green is like spring grass, and the sources help new ideas GROW or are where new thinking SPRINGS from...get it?)

Next, please show the short TED Talk, Cameron Russell’s “Looks Aren’t Everything.” Again, you should add to your maps, discuss with sharing partners, then circle the new information added in green (you can even be snazzy and use a different shade of green than you used originally if you want, to distinguish between the two sources). 

Finally, write in the outside box and reflect as follows. At the top: Summarize this map--what does this circle map explain or show?  At the bottom, discuss the significance of this map and these ideas: So what do you now realize about models/the beauty industry? What did you think about today? Why is it important? How does it build on the pieces we read last week? Lastly, use a red marker (again, the color matters!) to draw boxes around these reflection responses. (Red is for “Stop and Reflect.” Get it, STOP? like a stop sign)
HW: Please finish the thinking maps for homework if you do not finish in class. Otherwise, please complete independent reading for homework.

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