Monday, November 3, 2014

November Extra Help!

For easier access via your mobile devices, I've reprinted this tab from the right here:

Please use the button below to sign up for extra help with your research papers, timed essays, and more! I look forward to meeting with you!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

Note that Wednesdays are left open for drop-in tutoring (including lunchtime help with our Visiting Professors)

IMPORTANT DEADLINES: (to help you schedule extra help wisely!)
11/6 Research source packet, working thesis, and draft of bibliography are due
11/10 Body paragraphs analyzing first source (write in class)
11/16 Draft of introduction paragraph is due (with creative hook)
11/21 Complete first draft due for peer revision
11/24 Complete second draft due for teacher comments (one starred paragraph)
12/1 Self-evaluation of paper using final checklist
12/2 Final research paper and Works Cited due to

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